Reasons to meditate – Beginner meditation tips.

For some time now I’ve been meditating, staring out with a day here and a day there, then a gap of a number of months. However, in the past few weeks I’ve been more disciplined and committing to a daily meditation. In the early stages I would set my timer to 5 minutes and do my best to hold the mediation for this period of time. Thoughts racing around my mind, popping in and out, thinking of this and that. However, for a brief few moments I could clear my mind of thoughts and be still, to exist just as I am.

When first meditating and still now, these moments can feel strange, almost like a pause button has been pressed, time seems to stop and for that single second there is totally clarity. The thing is though, its unfamiliar, its foreign, it’s almost uncomfortable as the patterns we are use to, a head full of thoughts and past and future events, becomes clear and we can see the space in our mind, void of thoughts however free to experience the singularity of the moment we are in. Time seems no longer to exist, there is nothing to measure it against, we experience who we are within the body we are in, in a moment in time, in our own personal energy which some have never experienced before. Now I can hear a lot of people saying ‘bullshit’ it’s just a load of hippy mumbo jumbo. However, I was once one of those people and lived a life unaware of my own personal energy or in fact the peace I could obtain by freeing my mind of thoughts about the past or the future, all the time neglecting the present. It surprises me after I’ve written this, surprises me to think that all the moments I’ve lived in, in my life the majority have gone by ignored. I must say, I do have thoughts during meditation, thoughts raging from the mundane (what’s for dinner) to thoughts about events that have never occurred and more likely never will, like planning how to respond to a person during a conflict, that will never eventuate!

The thing is, these thoughts are just that, thoughts, fleeting in nature, made up, a function of our life’s experiences, an outcome of our held beliefs, fears, triumphs and interactions with others. We have the innate ability to either grasp them whole heartedly and make them into a make believe reality or, we can let them go. We can let them go and by doing so let go of the fear, the worry, the unrelenting voices in our heads. We can see the clarity in which time stands still, free from the burden of our, the struggles we may have with the way we look, the pressures of day to day life. We can sit and enjoy the peace even if it’s only for 10 minutes. Within this ten minutes we can recharge our energy levels, break free of the day to day grind and simply exist in the absolute present free from the burdens of time.

Wow, what a promise I make! All this coming from a guy who has been as far away from what I’ve written as possible. A gut who sought freedom from all those things I’ve wrote about through alcohol, drugs, self-hatred and a resultant depression. All I can say is try it, it can difficult at first that’s for sure and some may find it easier than others. I’ve listed my top five tips to going from zero meditation to 10 minutes of peace below. Give them a go and see how you go. Peace 😊

Top 5 tips for beginner meditation

I. Find a place where you can sit quietly free from distractions.

II. Find a nice cushion to sit on (make it high off the ground so you can sit comfortably) and keep yourself warm, throw a blanket over your knees or make yourself cool if it’s hot! Set a timer to countdown 10 minutes to start with

III. Start the timer and take three deep breaths through the nose and out the mouth. Take long deep breaths, right down into your stomach. Sometimes I like to rise my arms above my head on the in breath and lower them down in front of my body for the outbreath.

IV. Breathe in 1,2,3 – Breath out 1,2,3. Count 1,2,3 on the in breath through the nose, count 1,2,3 on the out breath through the nose. Continue to go through this process for a total 10 rounds.

V. If you lose count and a thought comes into you head, that’s all cool, don’t worry about it, just start again. Just continue to breathe through your nose 1,2,3 out through your nose 1,2,3. Sometimes I say to my self – cool air in, warm breath out.

VI. Yes, there is a six, when the timer goes off and your meditation is over. Take a few moments to reflect about your 10 minute meditation and see if you can learn from your experience.

There you go, your first meditation completed, congratulation. Let me know how you went or if you have any questions 😊.


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