Well I’ve finally managed to successfully create this blog in an effort to discuss with you, my thoughts on how connecting with nature, using nature to make a positive change to a persons life.

Let me start of with an introduction. My name is Jason and I live in a small beach side community near Newcastle, NSW Australia. A favourite place of mine is the local beach, Caves Beach, you may be wondering how it got its name? Well take a wild guess…yes because it has a cave at the end of the beach.


Its a beautiful beach, and this photo was taken one summer morning at sun rise. This photo reminds me of how blessed I am to live in this amazing part of the world and when I’m at the beach, particularly at this time of the day, I feel the energy of the earth and the day to come. A perfect way to start the day.

This energy and the connection to it, has inspired me to develop this blog. You see, not everything in paradise is as good as it seems, my life has not been full of happiness, contentment or connection. I’ve suffered from periods of mild depression and believe it or not a mild form of eating disorder, binge eating (more about that later). I may be typical of a lot of (some) men and women who become disenfranchised with their job, dread going to work from time to time, have ups and downs with mood and motivation and simply struggle to find meaning in their lives.

I’ve had what seems like endless amounts of therapy jumping from one psychologists to another searching for that magic antidote to give me happiness in my life. I’m happy with my family and friends, we go on holidays and catch up with friends and have a fantastic time together. However, what I am describing is that feeling which comes when I’m alone or staring at the TV , that feels like I’m the only person of earth, lonely, dejected, searching for something.  I have no idea what the something it but I just know its something?

To attempt to find this something I’ve read a bucket load of spiritual books, chanted, practised yoga and even been to India – Namaste. All these experiences have been fantastic and were full of amazing experiences for me. I still do yoga as often as possible, meditate regularly, continue to read and have found a fantastic therapist, but there is that niggle inside of me still looking for that something.

I walk daily down to the beach with our dog and I often walk in the bush, not so much for exercise, but to listen to the sounds of nature, to sit and watch the stillness, periodically disrupted by the flutter of a finch or the rustle of grass as a lizard or snake goes by.

I’m in awe of the trees, their stoic lifeforms which have stood the stand of time. Beautiful smooth barked, rough barked trees upon which I place my hands to try and connect with their reverence. There are a number of trees which must be more than a few hundred yeas old, the soils they grow on are so poor and the rainfall they receive is so varied, tree growth in Australia is a slow determined past time.

IMG_0350[1] (2)

It is this connection to nature and the healing force it contains is what this blog is going to be based around. How nature can sooth depression, how nature can bring peace and clarity of mind and how nature can bring people together.

If you have anything to share about your experience with (in) nature I’d love to hear from you. Likewise if there are any topics around this subject you would like to know more about again please let me know.

So that it, my first post, I hope you enjoyed it.

Until next time…